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Social Impact Through Enterprise

Robert Turnbull has a longstanding relationship with SFEDI Awards and the IOEE and has a wealth of inspirational work in the field of enterprise and entrepreneurship under his belt. He is a SFEDI Awards Programme Leader for the Suffolk Chamber … Continued

Understanding and Supporting Social Innovation: Bringing the Future Forward

In 1985, Peter Drucker noted that ‘Today businesses, especially the large ones, simply will not survive in this period of rapid change and innovation unless they acquire entrepreneurial competence (Drucker, 1985, p. 132).  Thirty years on, many commentators would agree … Continued

Developing Micro Enterprise Owners and Managers

In recent years one of the central ‘big ideas’ emerging from policy development has been the employer ownership of the skills agenda – i.e. moving from the traditional supply led model to one where power is shifted to employers by … Continued

British Marine Apprenticemakers Workshops Help Businesses Navigate Their Way to Success

Our partners at the IOEE continues to develop skills within the apprenticeship sector through its Apprenticemakers project. Apprenticemakers provides a range of support to businesses involved in apprenticeships, including mentor training for individuals who are supporting apprentices. Apprenticemakers has worked … Continued

Experts from over 35 countries meet in Belfast to debate ‘borders’ in entrepreneurial research

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Conference, came to Belfast on the 8th and 9th of November. The ISBE Conference has become one of the major events in the entrepreneurial calendar; bringing together over … Continued

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