Passionate about what we do, SFEDI are the experts in business and enterprise support having supported businesses to start, survive and grow since 1996.

For over two decades, the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI) has engaged with key enterprise stakeholders, business support practitioners, employers and the self-employed to improve their involvement in developing skills.

We have consistently consulted with a broad range of organisations within the sector to make best use of their advice and contributions in researching and developing sectoral skills solutions and policy recommendations.

Our combined experiences have provided the team with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the people development needs of businesses and the requirements of learning and skills support initiatives that seek to achieve public policy objectives.

Guided by our Advisory Council, comprised of representatives from the major national membership and representative organisations for enterprise and enterprise support, SFEDI has played major roles in national and international projects, including:

  • Get Mentoring – a £1.8 million project to recruit and train over 15,000 volunteer business mentors
  • Business Support standards and qualifications – developing a suite of national occupational standards and qualifications for advisers, coaches, mentors and enterprise educators
  • International projects – including leading on a project to create standards, training and support materials for community-based business advisers in Germany, Portugal, Spain and the Czech Republic

And what’s next?

The SFEDI Directory, working with you to support the development and growth of business to provide the bedrock of a truly entrepreneurial culture and economy.