The SFEDI Directory is your complete solution for additional credibility within the marketplace making sure your experience and credentials can be searched and verified by organisations.

With an increasing number of people entering the market place it is often difficult to stand out from the crowd and this is as true of the business and enterprise support sector as any other.

The SFEDI Directory is central to the drive towards a more competitive enterprise landscape with increased employment opportunities, improved productivity and, ultimately, greater prosperity locally, regionally and nationally.

It is designed and maintained to enable organisations to check the credentials of the advisers, coaches, consultants, mentors and trainers they choose to ensure you have up-to-date, relevant qualifications and valuable experience.

How can the SFEDI Directory help you?

  • Be part of the nationwide listing of accredited and experienced business and enterprise support professionals
  • Associating yourself with the proven and trusted national and international business and enterprise support brand, SFEDI
  • A Directory used by public and private sector organisations searching for and verifying the credentials of accredited and experienced business and enterprise support professionals nationally
  • Ideal whether you are supporting those starting, growing or even exiting a business
  • Allowing you to view and apply to opportunity postings in a secure system only available to accredited and experienced business and enterprise support professionals

Fees and Prices

The fees and prices below relate to the accreditation process for the SFEDI Directory and the ongoing fees for maintaining that accredited status.

If you have any questions relating to the fees and prices detailed below please contact a member of the SFEDI Directory team who will be more than happy to support.

Accreditation Fees

Accreditation Type Fee (VAT exclusive)
Qualification Accreditation Free of charge on completion of approved SFEDI qualification or SFEDI Awards regulated qualification
Experiential Accreditation (includes 12 months Verified Status) £350

Additional Fees

Additional Fee Type Fee (VAT exclusive)
Verified Status Application £99
12-month Verified Status Reapproval £99


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