The SFEDI Directory is your complete solution for accessing accredited business and enterprise support professionals

With a proven and trusted brand and a product that covers the whole of the UK, the Directory is aimed at supporting you with the development and growth of business to provide the bedrock of a truly entrepreneurial culture and economy.

The SFEDI Directory is central to the drive towards a more competitive enterprise landscape with increased employment opportunities, improved productivity and, ultimately, greater prosperity locally, regionally and nationally.

It is designed and maintained to enable you to validate the credentials of the advisers, coaches, consultants, mentors and trainers you engage with to ensure they have up-to-date, relevant qualifications and valuable experience.

As a result, to maintain directory status, business and enterprise support professionals are required to submit up-to-date evidence of their continued professional development as part of their application. This ensures that those professionals accredited through the SFEDI Directory don't just understand how to provide support but also have a working knowledge of current practices.